ENAC Accreditation - DOP les Garrigues
3 April, 2018

ENAC Accreditation

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The Regulatory Board is the testing and certification body which, after rigorous quality tests, issues the numbered certification labels which serve as the stamp of quality and the authentic guarantee for the consumer of the extra virgin oil produced with Designation of Origin Les Garrigues.

Testing and certification are guaranteed by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC for its initials in Catalan), which has accredited the Regulatory Board as a certifier of oil with PDO Les Garrigues (No. 102/C-PR242).

We make available to anyone who requests it, the next documents:
* Certification process
* Rates (registration, certification, back label…)
*Application for Certification, Procediment for use the mark, Procediment for complaints and appeals
Send the request to the email: olidoplesgarrigues@olidoplesgarrigues.com