Our oil - DOP les Garrigues
28 January, 2016

Our oil

Organoleptic characteristics

Extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin Les Garrigues is fresh olive fruited, green or ripe, with aromas recalling green almond, grass, leaves, tomato and artichoke. It enters the mouth sweetly, manifesting the personality of its bitter and spicy attributes in a notable and balanced way. When the olive is greener, these attributes are manifested more intensely, and the green aromas appear more strongly, being an oil which delights green olive lovers. As the fruit ripens, its attributes are manifested less intensely, with a sweeter taste predominating. All these differential traits correspond to the Arbequina’s link to the territory (the land, the climate ...) and to the good practices of producers and millers during the oil’s processing and packing.

It must be noted that this oil is rich in polyphenolic compounds, the olive’s own natural antioxidants, responsible for stabilising it against oxidation and highly beneficial for the body.

It is a superior category EXTRA VIRGIN ARBEQUINA OLIVE OIL. A 100% natural and very healthy fruit juice, which reaches the consumer with the guarantees of origin and the same quality, certified by Regulatory Board testing, an ENAC-accredited PDO Les Garrigues certifying body.

When cooking, it brings out the taste of the food and gives it personality. Consumed raw, its organoleptic qualities are noticed most. Heat increases its density and, thus, when frying, less quantity is needed in comparison to other oils. In addition, it conserves the food's own structure, leaving it raw and not drenching it in oil.

All these properties merit its recognition as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.