Sport and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Les Garrigues Protected Designation of Origin has a project of continuity of collaboration with the territory. One of its missions is to promote good habits, healthy eating, and quality products. In the sporting and social sphere, the PDO leaves its mark to promote local initiatives.


Women’s sport on Lleida Radio UA1

The Garrigues Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) officially sponsors, for the second consecutive year, the women’s sports section of Lleida Radio UA1, presented and directed by Sergi Guiu. This union came about with the aim of bringing the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) closer to the audience, in addition to collaborating with women’s sports and promoting good habits and quality food, as is the case of extra virgin Arbequina oil with the PDO certificate.

Interview with Roger Lamesa, coach from Lleida for women’s Granada, who have achieved promotion to the first football division.

Section with the Bordeta veteran football team.

Interview with Montse Figuerola, president of the Club Hoquei Mollerussa.

Program with the president and coaches of the CFS Seròs women’s football team.

Interview with the gymnasts of the artistic gymnastics section of CN Lleida.

Interview with the runners of Spain’s artistic gymnastics club Gimnàstic Lleida.

Section with members of Lleida women’s sports, to talk about the 6th edition of “Porta la teva cadira”.

Interview with the athlete Mireia Sosa, who participated in the 50 km world championship in India in November, 2023.

Interview with Mercè Gomà, to talk about the project “Ellas son de aquí” and the “Communication, Women and Sport” days.

Elisabeth Mas, accompanied by two young skaters to talk about Club Patins Bordeta.

CB Pardinyes mini players with their coach and coordinator to enhance the female branch of the club.

We started in 2024 talking to Robles Força Lleida coach Ruben Petrus and player Mili Maza.

Today we have talked to Joan Velasco and two players from the Almacelles football team to learn about their commitment to their female branch.

The association Bici_Klistes that on March 10 make the Earth of Flowers march.

With bow, Mafer Àlvarez.

Naila Martinez, Director of the Nereu Programme.

With the coach and two AEM players from football.

Today we interview Maria Banlles. She is a young 23-year-old cyclist who is competing at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Ultimate Marracos Team, the only one in the province of Lleida to practice frisbee, is a mixed team.

The president of CT Lleida, José Luis Solans, and the tennis player from Lleida, Neus Ávila (phone) about WTA 125 to be held at the club next week. It is one of the best women’s tennis tournaments in the world. There are 30 in the world and one will be held in Lleida

The coach and players of Lleida.

Teresa Balcells, Tàrrega Cycling Club president and “Pedals de Dona” organizer , the only women’s cycling march in Catalonia.

The interview conducted by UA1 with the padel player, Sandra Azorín, and the coach Isaac Cárdenas, who a few months ago created a padel players ‘Dream Team’ from Lleida who compete at national level. It is a team of 18-20 players who represent Lleida throughout Spain.

Força Lleida

The Les Garrigues Protected Designation of Origin sponsors the fourth season of the first team of Força Lleida. The basketball club, which holds a place in the LEB OR league, the second category of professional basketball, is a leader in promoting nationwide sport and talent. For this reason, the union with the Les Garrigues PDO is based on the promotion and projection of health, the territory and effort.


The Borges Blanques Table Tennis Club text:

The Les Garrigues PDO is also sponsoring, for the second consecutive year, the Borges Blanques Table Tennis Club, which competes all over Europe, winning competitions with its different teams.


Food Bank

The Food Bank is a non-profit foundation whose aim is to fight poverty and food waste. The Protected Designation of Origin Les Garrigues collaborates with this charitable project to supply food to people in need.

AECC – Catalonia: Spanish Association Against Cancer

The PDO Les Garrigues contributes to recreational, social and fundraising events for the AECC, helping to guide and raise awareness on cancer prevention.

Healthy Breakfasts

The Healthy Breakfasts initiative, organised by the Lleida City Council, is supported by the PDO Les Garrigues for the purpose of teaching healthy eating habits to primary school students.


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