P.D.O. Les Garrigues - DOP les Garrigues
28 January, 2016

P.D.O. Les Garrigues

The Regulatory Board is the testing and certification body which, after rigorous quality tests, issues numbered certification labels which serve as the stamp of quality and the authentic guarantee for the consumer of the extra virgin oil produced with Designation of Origin Les Garrigues. All the steps until obtaining this excellent oil (planting, production, processing and packaging) take place in this protected and recognised geographic area.

This is one of the territories with the most tradition and excellence in the processing and selling of oil in Catalonia. Located in the southern part of the province of Lleida, the area of production is, above all, culture and tradition. You can tell by walking through the fields and towns of the county of Les Garrigues, the southern part of El Segrià and southern L’Urgell, the counties which comprise the geographic area of Protected Designation of Origin Les Garrigues.

We, the farmers of Protected Designation of Origin Les Garrigues, have made extra virgin Arbequina olive oil a way of life. A way of understanding and loving our landscape so you can bring the taste of our land home.

Testing and certification are guaranteed by the National Accreditation Body (ENAC for its initials in Catalan), which has accredited the Regulatory Board as a certifier of oil with PDO Les Garrigues (No. 102/C-PR242).